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  • Aquaestria

    A Private Equestrian community on the lakes of South Florida’s Redlands

  • Port au Prince Haiti Cathedral

    Award winning entry for int’l competition to rebuild Cathedral

  • Marine Stadium Floating Stage

    Exhibition Opening Friday Dec 6 at MCAD  AIA Miami


  • South Miami Residence

    New recording studio. Master bedroom suite and dining room for a 1950’s wood home.


At FLA we engage classic design principles to find creative solutions for modern lifestyles.

We aim to maximize the potential of our clients’ investment. We understand that each project is unique to its site and context, as well as to the clients’ needs and desires.

As both Architects and Urbanists we are able to operate at the scale of the city and that of the home. We understand the value of public transportation for pedestrian friendly neighborhoods and multi-nodal cities. We know the importance of having a well laid out working kitchen that opens up to family dining areas like shaded pool terraces. We also take pride in construction details that become an integral part of architectural composition.

We aim to imbue each design with these three principles:
Commodity– to accommodate a client’s specific program efficiently and economically
Firmness –to engage building systems that will withstand the elements and provide longevity
Delight – to have a charming disposition with elegant proportions in every way

We offer custom design that will stand the test of time.

Selected Projects

Project Types

  • Residential

    Private Residences including: Custom Homes, Additions & Alterations Renovations to Historic Homes Garden Apartments Backyard Improvements...
  • Commercial

    Tenant Improvements Adaptive Re-Use Infill Projects Multi-Family Buildings Mixed-Use Projects Transit Oriented Developments Clients: Business owners...
  • Civic

    Public Space Projects. Neighborhoods. Streets. Public Buildings. We work with municipal entities, planning councils, and other...